Eating disorders

Do you notice a significant change in your child such as:

  1. Sudden weight changes including not gaining weight, losing weight, or gaining too much weight in a short time.
  2. Unusual food behaviors such as cutting food into tiny pieces or cutting out whole categories of food such as suddenly becoming “vegetarian.”
  3. Avoiding family meals.
  4. Sudden interest in a fad diet or a “healthy” eating plan.
  5. Hoarding and hiding food wrappers in their room/ missing food in your home.
  6. Exercising compulsively or having other obsessive behaviors.
  7. Sudden change in demeanor like becoming withdrawn, irritable, or socially isolating him/herself.
  8. Sudden interest to cook or prepare food for others.
  9. Increased anxiety.
Andrea Berez, MS RDN
Andrea Berez, MS RDN

My Approach

Andrea has over 15 years of experience working with children and families struggling with eating disorders on an outpatient basis.  She believes a team approach is best, and collaborates with therapists and physicians and any inpatient or residential treatment program you or your child may be transitioning from.

Each individual and family’s experience and journey is very unique and different, and, therefore, Andrea tailors her approach on an individual basis.  Meal planning and helping to define the roles of each family member are an integral part of her tailored treatment program.

Ultimately, the goals are getting back to a healthy relationship with food, and a healthy status both physically and emotionally, and Andrea is there to hold your hand every step of the way.

Starter Package

Meeting options




60 minute indepth
PLUS Two 45-minute sessions

Taking time to get to know one another

Review your medical history, weight history, lab work, lifestyle choices

Meet with parents and caregivers
to discuss their concerns

Partner with you to
discuss a general plan moving forward

Strategize concrete goals and
recommendations for next visit


Weekly, bi-weekly or
monthly touch base

Recovery Record App
communication as needed

Text/email support
Monday – Friday,
8 am – 5 pm EST

Meal planning and journaling
(via dedicated app)

Ongoing parent support

Insurance accepted: Aetna, New Jersey Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, CignaHealth.

For inquiries about coverage, please contact your plan for details.

Hear from my clients


This summer, my daughter was diagnosed as anorexic, and we have been meeting with Andrea since July. My favorite thing about Andrea is how she treats my daughter as an individual. Andrea takes into consideration preferences and limits. She has extreme patience with me as I navigate the best diet to get my daughter healthy and help her stay that way. I wish more parents knew about Andrea to help their adolescents eat healthy while dealing with the great amount of stress that teenagers encounter.

Some of my clients favorite programs



Parents' heads are spinning when they walk into my office. Scared, frustrated, & confused - nothing they try seems to be helping their child. By the time you leave our first visit, you will have a defined role in your child’s care and know exactly what you should or shouldn’t be doing to best help you and your child.



Maybe you have already been through an intensive eating disorder program. Maybe this is the first time you are addressing your eating disorder and working with a dietitian. Wherever you are in your personal journey, I am here to support you and get you to the next step of your recovery process.

Family Joint


At each session, I work separately with parents and children to assess the progress from each perspective. We end each session by coming together and making sure each are on the same page and are in concensus for the current session’s goals.