Nutrition Coaching

Does your family struggle with

  1. Having a child that is a selective eater with or without other behavioral or sensory issues?
  2. Your child’s diet who is on the autism spectrum or has ADD/ADHD?
  3. Weight issues?
  4. Growth issues?
  5. GI issues such as reflux, early satiety, IBS, IBD, Celiac disease, food allergies or intolerances?
  6. Feeding tube management?
  7. Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes?
  8. PCOS?
  9. High cholesterol or high triglycerides?
  10. High blood pressure?
Andrea Berez, MS RDN
Andrea Berez, MS RDN

My Approach

Andrea has over 15 years of experience as a pediatric and family dietitian, working with children, teens, young adults, and caregivers. She helps her clients strategize practical and sound nutrition plans that will not only help improve their health and physical outcomes, but also help relieve the stress kids and families face everyday trying to cope with these issues on their own.

Starter Package

Meeting options




60 minute indepth
PLUS Two 45-minute sessions

Observation and Listening

Personalized Guidance

Eating Strategies

Parent Support

Young People Engagement

Establish long-term and short-term goal setting


Weekly, bi-weekly or
monthly touch base

Text/email support
Monday – Friday,
8 am – 5 pm EST

Meal planning and journaling
(via dedicated app)

Insurance accepted: Aetna, New Jersey Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, CignaHealth.

For inquiries about coverage, please contact your plan for details.

Meal planning made easy!

Are you and your family struggling to prepare healthy meals because of your busy schedule? Meal planning can help you:

Eat healthier

Shop smarter

Eat more variety

Eat more frequently as a family

Learn how to become a better cook

Lower your stress levels!

Work with me

In order to help others learn to apply their health goals on a daily basis, I work with EatLove to provide you a meal plan specifically designed for YOU!

I am able to create a customized meal plan based on your health goals, your food preferences, food allergies, and cooking skills. Watch the video to learn more.

In addition to working with me one on one for your nutrition educational needs and goal setting, you will also receive or benefit from:

  • Meal Plans that are 100% customized to your specific nutritional needs, food preferences and schedule.
  • Guidance with meeting and not exceeding your nutritional needs every day and every week!
  • Eliminating stress and complexity of creating weekly meals.
  • Trying new meal variety of tasty, tested, and expert-curated recipes.
  • Creating lasting change in how you plan, prepare, and shop for meals.

​All packages include online access to personalized meal plans, easy to follow recipes, step-by-step prep schedule, plus support and guidance from me!

Hear from my clients


It’s truly been a blessing having her as a nutritionist. I accomplished and reached my desired weight and also was taught how nutrition plays a big role in the human body. A++ 🙂

Carrie R.

I have a son with food allergies. I highly recommend Andrea...especially if you need help managing your child’s diet around multiple food allergies. 

D. O'Leary

I wish more parents knew about Andrea to help their adolescents eat healthy while dealing with the great amount of stress that teenagers encounter. 


Andrea was great to work with.  I've learned many helpful hints that are easy to follow. She has been a great inspiration for what to think and do to deal with a weight issue.

Learn the basics of addressing your child's picky eating

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Some of my clients favorite programs

The excited eater

for picky eaters

I understand as a parent how difficult it can be when your child is picky. I will come alongside you to help you get to the root of the challenges with your picky eater — whether it be behavior or disordered eating — and support you with proven ideas.

The smart eater

for food intolerance

When you or a loved one has been diagnosed with conditions that can be alleviated with nutrition, I help you pinpoint the troubled areas and come up with solutions that improve life.

The balanced eater

for weight struggles

When your child is struggling with his or her weight, it may be difficult to change his/her behaviors. There are solutions. I help you understand the “why” and help you with the “how” to help your child.